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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000A44B6Scroll of FrenzyFrenzyScroll1000.5
000A44ACScroll of Frost CloakFrostCloakScroll1000.5
000965A9Scroll of Frost RuneFrostRuneScroll500.5
000A44A9Scroll of Frost ThrallFrostThrallScroll5000.5
000965A1Scroll of FuryFuryScroll250.5
000A44C4Scroll of Grand HealingGrandHealingScroll2500.5
000E0CD5Scroll of Guardian CircleGuardianCircleScroll2500.5
000A44BCScroll of HarmonyHarmonyScroll5000.5
000A44C1Scroll of Heal OtherHealOtherScroll1000.5
000A44BDScroll of HysteriaHysteriaScroll5000.5
00096599Scroll of Ice SpikeIceSpikeScroll500.5
000A44AFScroll of Ice StormIceStormScroll1000.5
000A44B7Scroll of InvisibilityInvisibilityScroll2500.5
000A449BScroll of IronfleshIronFleshScroll1000.5
0009659AScroll of Lightning BoltLightningBoltScroll500.5
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