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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00039957Draught of PickpocketingFortifySkillPickpocket023020.5
000F84C2Draught of PlunderTGPotionofPlunder026210.5
0003EB0ADraught of RegenerationFortifyHealRate0222850.5
0003EAEDDraught of Resist ColdResistFrost501510.5
0003EAE9Draught of Resist FireResistFire501510.5
00039E53Draught of Resist MagicResistMagic501410.5
0003EAEEDraught of Resist ShockResistShock501510.5
0003EB05Draught of StrengthFortifyCarry024440.5
00039974Draught of the BerserkerFortifySkillTwoHanded023020.5
0003989BDraught of the DefenderFortifySkillBlock02700.5
0003995ADraught of the HealerFortifySkillRestoration023020.5
000398F4Draught of the KnightFortifySkillHeavyArmor021410.5
00039954Draught of the WarriorFortifySkillOneHanded023020.5
00039949Draught of True ShotFortifySkillMarksman02750.5
0003EB12Draught of VigorFortifyStaminaRate023800.5
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