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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0002996FGlenmoril Witch HeadC04HagravenHead04
0200575CGlowing Crystal ShardDLC1LD_AetheriumShard011000.25
0201433EGlowing Crystal ShardDLC1LD_AetheriumShard021000.25
0201433CGlowing Crystal ShardDLC1LD_AetheriumShard031000.25
0201433DGlowing Crystal ShardDLC1LD_AetheriumShard041000.25
00044E8BGolden Ship ModelTGRShipModel00
00044E63Golden UrnTGRGoldenUrn00
0201171FHalf Moon CrestCasSecEntranceCrestHM00
040195A9Heart StoneDLC2TT2HeartStone1001
0005421BHoney JarTG02HoneyJar01
00019952Honningbrew DecanterTGLT03HonningbrewDecanter00
0003292FHorn of Jurgen WindcallerMQ105Horn04
0200A89EInitiate's EwerDLC1VQ07InitiatesEwer15001.5
0004BCE0Jarrin RootDB09JarrinRoot1000.5
00044E6AJeweled CandlestickTGRCandlestick00
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