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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000A44ADScroll of Lightning CloakLightningCloakScroll1000.5
000965AAScroll of Lightning RuneShockRuneScroll500.5
000965A2Scroll of MagelightMagelightScroll500.5
00021876Scroll of Mass ParalysisMassParalysisScroll5000.5
000A44BBScroll of MayhemMayhemScroll5000.5
000965ABScroll of MuffleMuffleScroll500.5
0009659CScroll of OakfleshOakfleshScroll250.5
000A44B9Scroll of PacifyPacifyScroll2500.5
000A449DScroll of ParalyzeParalyzeScroll2500.5
0009659EScroll of Raise ZombieRaiseZombieScroll250.5
000A44B5Scroll of RallyRallyScroll1000.5
000965A4Scroll of Reanimate CorpseReanimateCorpseScroll500.5
000A44C2Scroll of Repel Lesser UndeadRepelLesserUndeadScroll1000.5
000A44C5Scroll of Repel UndeadRepelUndeadScroll2500.5
000A44A3Scroll of RevanantRevenantScroll1000.5
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