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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003AC2FDraught of WaterbreathingWaterbreathing021000.5
0003989AElixir of AlterationFortifySkillAlteration042270.5
000F84B8Elixir of ConflictTGPotionofConflict043210.5
000398F3Elixir of DestructionFortifySkillDestruction045300.5
000FFA01Elixir of Enhanced StaminaFortifyStamina053410.5
000F84B1Elixir of EscapeTGPotionofEscape0413320.5
000FF9FDElixir of Extra MagickaFortifyMagicka053410.5
000D6980Elixir of GlibnessFortifySkillPersuasion045300.5
00039973Elixir of HagglingFortifySkillBarter042300.5
000FF9FCElixir of HealthFortifyHealth054550.5
00039951Elixir of IllusionFortifySkillIllusion044550.5
000F84BEElixir of KeenshotTGPotionofKeenShot042050.5
000F84AAElixir of LarcenyTGPotionofLarceny041350.5
000FFA00Elixir of Lasting PotencyFortifyMagickaRate056680.5
0003996FElixir of Light FeetFortifySkillSneak042470.5
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