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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00044E67Jeweled FlagonTGRFlagon00
00044E6CJeweled GobletTGRGoblet00
00044E6EJeweled PitcherTGRPitcher00
0402145AKagrumez Resonance GemDLC2DweKagrumezControlGemInv015000.2
0403166FKagrumez Resonance GemDLC2DweKagrumezControlGemInv025000.2
04031670Kagrumez Resonance GemDLC2DweKagrumezControlGemInv035000.2
04031671Kagrumez Resonance GemDLC2DweKagrumezControlGemInv045000.2
04031672Kagrumez Resonance GemDLC2DweKagrumezControlGemInv055000.2
000DAB04Klimmek's SuppliesFFI04Sack00
0001994FLeft Eye of the FalmerTGLT08EyeoftheFalmerLeft25005
0002C25EMammoth Tusk PowderMS12MammothTuskPowder00.5
00041F95Mark of DibellaFFRiften11Mark00.5
00037CE9Mercer's PlansTG07MercersPlans00.5
0006F266Model ShipTGLT05ShipModel00
00059654Olava's TokenDB06OlavaToken1000.5
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