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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000A44BAScroll of RoutRoutScroll2500.5
000965A7Scroll of Soul TrapSoulTrapScroll500.5
000965A3Scroll of StonefleshStonefleshScroll500.5
000A44AAScroll of Storm ThrallStormThrallScroll5000.5
02014042Scroll of TelekinesisDLC1dunRedwaterDenTelekinesisScroll1000.5
000A44C6Scroll of Turn Greater UndeadTurnGreaterUndeadScroll2500.5
000A44BFScroll of Turn Lesser UndeadTurnLesserUndeadScroll500.5
000965B0Scroll of Turn UndeadTurnUndeadScroll1000.5
000A449CScroll of WaterbreathingWaterBreathingScroll1000.5
001076E9Shalidor's Insights: AlterationMGR21ScrollAlteration500.5
001076EBShalidor's Insights: ConjurationMGR21ScrollConjuration500.5
001076E7Shalidor's Insights: DestructionMGR21ScrollDestruction500.5
001076E8Shalidor's Insights: IllusionMGR21ScrollIllusion500.5
001076ECShalidor's Insights: MagickaMGR21ScrollMagicka500.5
001076EAShalidor's Insights: RestorationMGR21ScrollRestoration500.5
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