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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00023D6FPine Thrush EggBirdEgg0220.5
020185FBPoison BloomDLC01PoisonBloom50.25
0006BC10Powdered Mammoth TuskPowderedMammothTusk20.1
00077E1EPurple Mountain FlowerMountainFlower01Purple20.1
00077E1DRed Mountain FlowerMountainFlower01Red20.1
00106E1ARiver BettyCritterPondFish03Ingredient150.25
0007E8C8Rock Warbler EggBirdEgg0120.5
0006BC04Sabre Cat ToothSabrecatTooth20.1
03003545Salmon RoeBYOHSalmonRoe0150.2
00074A19Salt PileMS03BlackBriarSecretIngredient10.2
00034CDFSalt PileSaltPile20.2
0006F950Scaly PholiotaScalyPholiotaBits40.25
00106E1CSilverside PerchCritterPondFish01Ingredient150.25
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