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Search Results for "Potions"

Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00039948Elixir of LockpickingFortifySkillLockpicking041230.5
00039958Elixir of PickpocketingFortifySkillPickpocket045300.5
000F84C4Elixir of PlunderTGPotionofPlunder0410900.5
000FF9FFElixir of RegenerationFortifyHealRate0540080.5
0003EAF0Elixir of Resist ColdResistFrost1002650.5
0003EAEFElixir of Resist FireResistFire1002650.5
00039E55Elixir of Resist MagicResistMagic1002470.5
0003EAF1Elixir of Resist ShockResistShock1002650.5
000FF9FEElixir of StrengthFortifyCarry055710.5
00039AA6Elixir of the BerserkerFortifySkillTwoHanded045300.5
000398ACElixir of the DefenderFortifySkillBlock042470.5
0003995CElixir of the HealerFortifySkillRestoration045300.5
000398F6Elixir of the KnightFortifySkillHeavyArmor042470.5
00039956Elixir of the WarriorFortifySkillOneHanded045300.5
0003994EElixir of True ShotFortifySkillMarksman041320.5
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