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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
00044E65Ornate Drinking HornTGRDrinkingHorn00
0004286CPelagius' Hip BoneDA15PelagiusHipBone2501
0002BAABPest PoisonTG03Poison00.5
0200D3EEPurified Void SaltsDLC1VQ04IngredVoidSalt00.1
00019958Queen Bee StatueTGLT02QueenBeeStatue00
000C04BBQuill of GeminationFVDQuill1500.1
020066F3Reaper Gem FragmentDLC01SoulCairnReaperFragment0150.1
020066F5Reaper Gem FragmentDLC01SoulCairnReaperFragment0250.1
020066F6Reaper Gem FragmentDLC01SoulCairnReaperFragment0350.1
001092B8Right Eye of the FalmerTG08EyeoftheFalmerRight25005
02019ABDRuby ParagonPortalGemOrangeKey7000.3
0003A3DDRuned LexiconDA04DweLexiconCubeRunes0100
000AADB6Saerek's Skull KeydunRagnSaereksKey1000.3
02019ABBSapphire ParagonPortalGemBlueKey10000.3
000D363BSigil StonesigilStone00
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