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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
000F84BFGrand Elixir of KeenshotTGPotionofKeenShot052450.5
000F84ABGrand Elixir of LarcenyTGPotionofLarceny051600.5
000F84C5Grand Elixir of PlunderTGPotionofPlunder0513320.5
000A9661Holy WaterDA14Water70.5
000E2D3DIce Wraith BaneCW01BWraithPoison2210.5
000F9642Ice Wraith EssencecrIceWraithResistFrost25960.5
00057A7BKordir's SkoomaFreeformAngasMillKordirsSkooma250.5
00073F3ELasting Magicka PoisonDamageMagickaLinger03330.5
00073F46Lasting Stamina PoisonDamageStaminaLinger03200.5
00065A70Lingering Magicka PoisonDamageMagickaLinger0120.5
00073F35Lingering PoisonDamageHealthLinger0240.5
00065A71Lingering Stamina PoisonDamageStaminaLinger0160.5
00058CFBLotus ExtractDB03Poison860.5
00073F39Magicka PoisonDamageMagicka021620.5
00073F91Magicka Recovery PoisonDamageMagickaRecovery021690.5
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