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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0403369ETel Mithryn Apothecary KeyDLC2TelMithrynApothelcaryKeyNEW00
0401BD06Tel Mithryn Kitchen KeyDLC2TelMithrynKitchenKey00
0403369FTel Mithryn Kitchen KeyDLC2TelMithrynKitchenKeyNEW00
040336A0Tel Mithryn Steward's KeyDLC2TelMithrynStewardsKey00
04028930Temple of Miraak KeyDLC2TempleOfMiraak02Key00
00063B29The Black StarDA01SoulGemBlackStar10000
000FDEBEThe Scorched Hammer KeyRiftenScorchedHammerKey00
0002C25AThe White Phial (Empty)MS12WhitePhial00.5
0010201CThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifyMagicka014550.5
0010201DThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifySkillOneHanded041320.5
0010201BThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifySkillSneak03480.5
0010201AThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPFortifyStamina013410.5
00102019The White Phial (Full)MS12WPResistMagic501930.5
0010201EThe White Phial (Full)MS12WPRestoreHealth04790.5
000134AAThistle BranchThistle0110.1
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