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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0003AD72Troll FatTrollFat151
000319E4Troll SkullBoneTrollSkull0153.5
0003F7F8Tundra CottonTundraCotton10.1
00073F40Unceasing Magicka PoisonDamageMagickaLinger05150.5
00073F48Unceasing Stamina PoisonDamageStaminaLinger05350.5
0005661FUnknown PotionDefaultPotion00.5
0002C25CUnmelting SnowMS12UnmeltingSnow01
0005F6DFVaermina's TorporDA16TorporPotion00.5
02011999Vale Deer HideDLC1DeerHide102
0201199AVale Sabre Cat HideDLC1SabreCatHide102
000FDEBBValindor's House KeyRiftenValindorsHouseKey00
0004B6D2Valthume Cellar KeydunValthumeTrapKey00
0004D6E2Valthume Chamber KeydunValthumeSecPassageKey00
0003AD76Vampire DustvampireDust250.2
000F431EVegetable SoupFoodVegetableSoup50.5
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