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Form IDNameEditor NameValueWeight
0007FB64Stone of Barenziah (Unusual Gem)TGCrownGemInventory2000.5
0007FB65Stone of Barenziah (Unusual Gem)TGCrownGemInventory2000.5
00026C31Tolfdir's AlembicMGR01Alembic02
000AADB7Torsten's Skull KeydunRagnTorstensKey1000.3
00020949Torture ToolsDBTortureTools152
0002C25CUnmelting SnowMS12UnmeltingSnow01
0001CB34Wedding RingDA14Ring00.5
02003D7DWeystone FocusDLC1VQ03MagicWidget3000.3
00043E28Wylandriah's SpoonFFRiften14Spoon00
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