Spells, including Words of Power, Standing Stones, Blessings, Diseases, Race Powers, Vampire and Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
00060291Animal Allegiance - Raan [Animal]WordRaanWord
00060292Animal Allegiance - Mir [Allegiance]WordMirWord
00060293Animal Allegiance - Tah [Pack]WordTahWord
00104ACFResist DiseaseRaceArgonianResistDiseaseActive Effect
000AA01BWaterbreathingRaceArgonianWaterbreathingActive Effect
00060294Aura Whisper - Laas [Life]WordLaasWord
00060295Aura Whisper - Yah [Seek]WordYahWord
00060296Aura Whisper - Nir [Hunt]WordNirWord
040200E4Battle Fury - Mid [Loyal]DLC2BattleFuryWord1Word
040200E5Battle Fury - Vur [Valor]DLC2BattleFuryWord2Word
040200E6Battle Fury - Shaan [Inspire]DLC2BattleFuryWord3Word
00032917Become Ethereal - Feim [Fade]WordFeimWord
00032918Become Ethereal - Zii [Spirit]WordZiiWord
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