Spells, including Words of Power, Standing Stones, Blessings, Diseases, Race Powers, Vampire and Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
0010E8AEBlessing of NocturnalAltarNocturnalSpellActive Effect
000FB999Blessing of StendarrAltarStendarrSpellActive Effect
000FB99ABlessing of TalosAltarTalosSpellActive Effect
000FB99BBlessing of ZenitharAltarZenitharSpellActive Effect
0007E8E4BlizzardBlizzard1106Spell - Destruction
0201419BBlood of the AncientsDLC1VampireChalicePowerActive Effect
000B877EBone Break FeverDiseaseBoneBreakFeverDisease
0010A24CBone Break FeverTrapDiseaseBoneBreakFeverDisease
000211ECBound BattleaxeBoundBattleAxe168Spell - Conjuration
000211EDBound BowBoundBow206Spell - Conjuration
000211EBBound SwordBoundSword92Spell - Conjuration
000B877FBrain RotDiseaseBrainRotDisease
0010A24DBrain RotTrapDiseaseBrainRotDisease
0007E8DDCall to ArmsCallToArms654Spell - Illusion
0004DEE9CalmCalm146Spell - Illusion
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