Spells, including Words of Power, Standing Stones, Blessings, Diseases, Race Powers, Vampire and Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
00043324CandlelightCandlelight21Spell - Alteration
00045F9DChain LightningChainLightning124Spell - Destruction
000F5B54Champion of the NightAbVampireSkillsActive Effect
0005312DCircle of ProtectionCircleOfProtection171Spell - Restoration
00021143ClairvoyanceClairvoyance25Spell - Illusion
000B62EFClose WoundsCloseWounds126Spell - Restoration
0006F953Command DaedraCommandDaedra242Spell - Conjuration
020045BAConjure BonemanDLC1ConjureBoneman129Spell - Conjuration
0010FC16Conjure Dragon PriestConjureDragonPriest358Spell - Conjuration
0010DDECConjure Dremora LordConjureDremoraLord358Spell - Conjuration
000640B6Conjure FamiliarConjureFamiliar107Spell - Conjuration
000204C3Conjure Flame AtronachConjureFlameAtronach150Spell - Conjuration
000204C4Conjure Frost AtronachConjureFrostAtronach214Spell - Conjuration
020045B8Conjure MistmanDLC1ConjureMistman193Spell - Conjuration
000204C5Conjure Storm AtronachConjureStormAtronach322Spell - Conjuration
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