Spells, including Words of Power, Standing Stones, Blessings, Diseases, Race Powers, Vampire and Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameCostType
000F1987Nightingale StrifeTGNightingaleStrifePower
000F1986Nightingale SubterfugeTGNightingaleSubterfugePower
0010F1E7Nightstalker's FootstepsAbVampireSkills02Active Effect
0005AD5COakfleshOakflesh103Spell - Alteration
0004DEEDPacifyPacify290Spell - Illusion
0005AD5FParalyzeParalyze450Spell - Alteration
0007E8E1Raise ZombieRaiseZombie103Spell - Conjuration
0004DEECRallyRally113Spell - Illusion
00065BD7Reanimate CorpseReanimateCorpse144Spell - Conjuration
0004D3F8Repel Lesser UndeadRepelLesserUndead115Spell - Restoration
0005DD60Repel UndeadRepelUndead353Spell - Restoration
000ED0A8Resist DiseaseVampireVampirismActive Effect
000F5BA0Resist DiseaseWerewolfImmunityActive Effect
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