Perks, including Alchemy, Alteration, Archery, Block, Conjuration, Destruction, Enchanting, Heavy Armor, Illusion, Light Armor, Lockpicking, One-Handed, Pickpocket, Restoration, Smithing, Sneak, Speech, Two-Handed, Vampire Lord, Werewolf
Form IDNameEditor NameSkill
00106259Quick HandsQuickHandsLockpicking
000D8C33Quick ReflexesQuickReflexesBlock
00105F19Quick ShotQuickShotArchery
000581FDQuiet CastingQuietCastingIllusion
00105F33Reflect BlowsReflectBlowsHeavy Armor
000153D1Restoration Dual CastingRestorationDualCastingRestoration
00105F32Rune MasterRuneMasterDestruction
020059A6Savage FeedingDLC1SavageFeedingPerkWerewolf
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