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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000302CAAncient Nord BowDraugrBow84512
000CC392Angi's BowdunAngisBow7507
02000800Auriel's BowDLC1AurielsBow13100011
0200D0BDBlessed CrossbowDLC1EnchCrossBowTurn011912014
000A7358Blessed Hunting BowEnchHuntingBowTurn017507
000ABB22Blessed Imperial BowEnchImperialBowTurn019328
00058F60Bound BowBoundWeaponBow1800
000424F8Bound BowBoundWeaponBowMystic2400
000AB705Bow of the HuntdunClearspringTarnBowOfHunt10557
0200D0C4Crossbow of ArcingDLC1EnchCrossbowShock021912014
0200D0C2Crossbow of BindingDLC1EnchCrossbowSoulTrap031912014
0200D0CBCrossbow of BurningDLC1EnchCrossbowFire21912014
0200D0C9Crossbow of DiminishingDLC1EnchCrossbowMagicka031912014
0200D0C7Crossbow of DrainingDLC1EnchCrossbowMagicka021912014
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