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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00043E1EAlessandra's DaggerFFRiften13ArkayDagger5101
00079B1DBlade of SacrificeDA02Dagger101444
0009CCDCBlade of WoeDBBladeOfWoeReward125007
000964C9Blade of WoeDBBladeOfWoeAstrid125007
000896F3Blessed Iron DaggerEnchIronDaggerTurn014102
000A6A15Blessed Steel DaggerEnchSteelDaggerTurn015182.5
000ECD54Borvir's DaggerPOIMageBorvirsDagger8184
0401CE02Bound DaggerDLC2BoundWeaponDagger600
0401CE03Bound DaggerDLC2BoundWeaponDaggerMystic1000
000139B6Daedric DaggerDaedricDagger115006
0001E089Daedric Dagger of AnimusEnchDaedricDaggerSoulTrap04115006
0001E008Daedric Dagger of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricDaggerBanish06115006
0001E006Daedric Dagger of BanishingEnchDaedricDaggerBanish04115006
0001E05CDaedric Dagger of BlizzardsEnchDaedricDaggerFrost05115006
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