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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0200FF03Dragonbone ArrowDLC1SoulCairnKeeperArrow1440
020176F4Dragonbone ArrowDLC1DragonboneArrow2590
020113B7Dragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxeKeeper26300030
020113B8Dragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxeKeeper0326300030
020113B9Dragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxeKeeper0426300030
020113BADragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxeKeeper0526300030
020113BBDragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxeKeeper0626300030
02014CA0Dragonbone BattleaxeDLC1WrathmanBattleaxe21300030
02014FC3Dragonbone BattleaxeDLC1DragonboneBattleaxe26300030
020176F1Dragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBow20272520
0201A179Dragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper12272510
0201A17ADragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0313272512
0201A17BDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0415272517
0201A17CDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0517272516
0201A17DDragonbone BowDLC1DragonboneBowKeeper0619272517
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