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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
020098A0Bloodcursed Elven ArrowDLC1ElvenArrowBlood1660
000ECD54Borvir's DaggerPOIMageBorvirsDagger8184
000139BDElven ArrowElvenArrow1650
0001399CElven BattleaxeElvenBattleaxe2152024
000BD825Elven Battleaxe of AnimusEnchElvenBattleaxeSoulTrap042152024
000BD818Elven Battleaxe of BanishingEnchElvenBattleaxeBanish042152024
000BD824Elven Battleaxe of BindingEnchElvenBattleaxeSoulTrap032152024
000BD830Elven Battleaxe of BlizzardsEnchElvenBattleaxeFrost052152024
000BD811Elven Battleaxe of ConsumingEnchElvenBattleaxeAbsorbH032152024
000BD827Elven Battleaxe of DebilitationEnchElvenBattleaxeStamina042152024
000BD820Elven Battleaxe of DepletingEnchElvenBattleaxeMagicka042152024
000BD81AElven Battleaxe of DespairEnchElvenBattleaxeFear042152024
000BD812Elven Battleaxe of DevouringEnchElvenBattleaxeAbsorbH042152024
000BD81FElven Battleaxe of DiminishingEnchElvenBattleaxeMagicka032152024
000BD82EElven Battleaxe of DreadEnchElvenBattleaxeFear052152024
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