Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Falmer"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00038341Falmer ArrowFalmerArrow710
00038340Falmer BowFalmerBow1213515
02003629Falmer StaffDLC1StaffFalmerTemplate058
00083167Falmer Supple BowFalmerBowSupple1541020
0002E6D1Falmer SwordFalmerSword106718
000302CDFalmer War AxeFalmerWarAxe118221
0006F6FFHoned Falmer SwordFalmerSwordHoned1220518
0006F700Honed Falmer War AxeFalmerWarAxeHoned1324521
02011D56Staff of Chain LightningDLC1StaffFalmerChainLightning058
02011D57Staff of FireballsDLC1StaffFalmerFireball058
02011D5DStaff of FireboltsDLC1StaffFalmerFirebolt058
02011D5EStaff of Ice SpikesDLC1StaffFalmerIceSpike058
02011D5FStaff of Ice StormsDLC1StaffFalmerIceStorm058
02011D60Staff of Lightning BoltsDLC1StaffFalmerLightningBolt058
02011D58Staff of the Flame AtronachDLC1StaffFalmerConjureFlameAtronach058
02011D59Staff of the Frost AtronachDLC1StaffFalmerConjureFrostAtronach058
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