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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000236A5Ancient Nord GreatswordDraugrGreatsword173518
0005BF09Ancient Nord Greatsword of ColdEnchDraugrGreatswordFrost01173518
0005BF0AAncient Nord Greatsword of FrostEnchDraugrGreatswordFrost02173518
0005BF0BAncient Nord Greatsword of IceEnchDraugrGreatswordFrost03173518
000946FCBalgruuf's GreatswordFFSteelGreatswordBalgruuf1720017
000896F6Blessed Iron GreatswordEnchIronGreatswordTurn01155016
000A699FBlessed Steel GreatswordEnchSteelGreatswordTurn01179017
0401AEA4Bloodskal BladeDLC2BloodskalBlade2150016
000139B7Daedric GreatswordDaedricGreatsword24250023
00028D7CDaedric Greatsword of AnimusEnchDaedricGreatswordSoulTrap0424250023
00028D68Daedric Greatsword of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricGreatswordBanish0624250023
00028D66Daedric Greatsword of BanishingEnchDaedricGreatswordBanish0424250023
00028D70Daedric Greatsword of BlizzardsEnchDaedricGreatswordFrost0524250023
00028D81Daedric Greatsword of DamnationEnchDaedricGreatswordSoulTrap0624250023
00028D82Daedric Greatsword of DebilitationEnchDaedricGreatswordStamina0424250023
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