Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ABB22Blessed Imperial BowEnchImperialBowTurn019328
000C3DE6Blessed Imperial SwordEnchImperialSwordTurn185010
00013841Imperial BowImperialBow9908
000ABB1AImperial Bow of ArcingEnchImperialBowShock029328
000ABB1EImperial Bow of BindingEnchImperialBowSoulTrap039328
000ABB11Imperial Bow of BurningEnchImperialBowFire29328
000ABB13Imperial Bow of ChillsEnchImperialBowFrost019328
000ABB0EImperial Bow of CowardiceEnchImperialBowFear29328
000ABB18Imperial Bow of DiminishingEnchImperialBowMagicka039328
000ABB0DImperial Bow of DismayEnchImperialBowFear19328
000ABB17Imperial Bow of DrainingEnchImperialBowMagicka029328
000ABB10Imperial Bow of EmbersEnchImperialBowFire19328
000ABB1FImperial Bow of FatigueEnchImperialBowStamina019328
000ABB0FImperial Bow of FearEnchImperialBowFear39328
000ABB14Imperial Bow of FrostEnchImperialBowFrost029328
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