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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00043E1EAlessandra's DaggerFFRiften13ArkayDagger5101
000647ACAmren's Family SwordFavorAmrenIronSword7259
000896F0Blessed Iron BattleaxeEnchIronBattleaxeTurn01165520
000896F3Blessed Iron DaggerEnchIronDaggerTurn014102
000896F6Blessed Iron GreatswordEnchIronGreatswordTurn01155016
0005BEF4Blessed Iron MaceEnchIronMaceTurn0193513
0005BEF7Blessed Iron SwordEnchIronSwordTurn017259
0005BEFABlessed Iron War AxeEnchIronWarAxeTurn0183011
000896F9Blessed Iron WarhammerEnchIronWarhammerTurn01186024
000C0186Froki's BowdunHuntersBow61505
0006A8FDGhorbash's Ancestral AxeFavorGhorbashAxe83011
000BE25EHeadsman's AxeExecutionerAxe171511
0001397DIron ArrowIronArrow810
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