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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0200575EAetherial StaffDLC1LD_AetherialStaff012508
0007E646Alteration StaffStaffTemplateAlteration058
0001CB30Broken StaffDA14BrokenRose17510
0007E647Conjuration StaffStaffTemplateConjuration058
000BE11FDestruction StaffStaffTemplateDestruction058
0007E5BBDragon Priest StaffdunForelhostDragonPriestStaff0258
0004DE5BDragon Priest StaffMQ303DragonPriestStaff2258
000B3DFAEye of MelkadunBlindCliffStaffReward0508
02003629Falmer StaffDLC1StaffFalmerTemplate058
000FA2C1Forsworn StaffForswornStaffFlames058
000CC826Forsworn StaffStaffTemplateForsworn058
00046E0BGadnor's Staff of CharmingdunCrystalDriftCaveStaff058
00029B91Grand Staff of CharmingStaffMassCharm058
00029B9BGrand Staff of RepulsionStaffRepelUndead058
00029B97Grand Staff of TurningStaffTurnGreaterUndead058
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