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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000CC392Angi's BowdunAngisBow7507
000946FCBalgruuf's GreatswordFFSteelGreatswordBalgruuf1720017
0009CCDCBlade of WoeDBBladeOfWoeReward125007
000964C9Blade of WoeDBBladeOfWoeAstrid125007
000A7358Blessed Hunting BowEnchHuntingBowTurn017507
000A6987Blessed Steel BattleaxeEnchSteelBattleaxeTurn11810021
000A6A15Blessed Steel DaggerEnchSteelDaggerTurn015182.5
000A699FBlessed Steel GreatswordEnchSteelGreatswordTurn01179017
000A69C3Blessed Steel MaceEnchSteelMaceTurn1106514
000A69D3Blessed Steel SwordEnchSteelSwordTurn0184510
000A69E2Blessed Steel War AxeEnchSteelWarAxeTurn195512
000A69B5Blessed Steel WarhammerEnchSteelWarhammerTurn12011025
000C1989Bolar's OathbladedunBloatedMansKatana112510
000AB705Bow of the HuntdunClearspringTarnBowOfHunt10557
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