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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0002C672Ancient Nord War AxeDraugrWarAxe91514
0005BF0FAncient Nord War Axe of ColdEnchDraugrWarAxeFrost0191514
000DDD6DAncient Nord War Axe of ColdEnchDraugrWarAxeHonedFrost01122716
0005BF10Ancient Nord War Axe of FrostEnchDraugrWarAxeFrost0291514
0005BF11Ancient Nord War Axe of IceEnchDraugrWarAxeFrost0391514
040398E6Ancient Nordic PickaxeDLC2AncientNordPickaxe550010
040206F2Ancient Nordic PickaxeDLC2RR03NordPickaxe550010
04030CB2Ash Spawn War AxeDLC2AshSpawnWarAxe91514
0005BEFABlessed Iron War AxeEnchIronWarAxeTurn0183011
000A69E2Blessed Steel War AxeEnchSteelWarAxeTurn195512
000AE087Briarheart GeisdunLostValleyRedoubtAxe1230012
0008ADFBCeremonial AxedunVolunruudRelic019514
000139B3Daedric War AxeDaedricWarAxe15150018
0002958CDaedric War Axe of AnimusEnchDaedricWarAxeSoulTrap0415150018
00029578Daedric War Axe of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricWarAxeBanish0615150018
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