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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000896F9Blessed Iron WarhammerEnchIronWarhammerTurn01186024
000A69B5Blessed Steel WarhammerEnchSteelWarhammerTurn12011025
0401A578Champion's CudgelDLC2RR01FalxWarhammer24110027
000139BADaedric WarhammerDaedricWarhammer27400031
000295B7Daedric Warhammer of AnimusEnchDaedricWarhammerSoulTrap0427400031
000295A4Daedric Warhammer of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricWarhammerBanish0627400031
000295A2Daedric Warhammer of BanishingEnchDaedricWarhammerBanish0427400031
000295ACDaedric Warhammer of BlizzardsEnchDaedricWarhammerFrost0527400031
000295B9Daedric Warhammer of DamnationEnchDaedricWarhammerSoulTrap0627400031
000295BADaedric Warhammer of DebilitationEnchDaedricWarhammerStamina0427400031
000295AEDaedric Warhammer of DepletingEnchDaedricWarhammerMagicka0427400031
000295A5Daedric Warhammer of DespairEnchDaedricWarhammerFear0427400031
00029598Daedric Warhammer of DevouringEnchDaedricWarhammerAbsorbH0427400031
000295A6Daedric Warhammer of DreadEnchDaedricWarhammerFear0527400031
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