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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0005B480Iron War Axe of FatigueEnchIronWarAxeStamina0183011
00089719Iron War Axe of FearEnchIronWarAxeFear0383011
0004B159Iron War Axe of FrostEnchIronWarAxeFrost0283011
0004B15AIron War Axe of IceEnchIronWarAxeFrost0383011
0005B477Iron War Axe of SappingEnchIronWarAxeMagicka0183011
0004B157Iron War Axe of ScorchingEnchIronWarAxeFire0383011
0004B15DIron War Axe of ShocksEnchIronWarAxeShock0383011
000896E2Iron War Axe of Soul SnaresEnchIronWarAxeSoulTrap0283011
0005D178Iron War Axe of SoulsEnchIronWarAxeSoulTrap0183011
0004B15BIron War Axe of SparksEnchIronWarAxeShock0183011
0005B482Iron War Axe of TorporEnchIronWarAxeStamina0383011
0005B481Iron War Axe of WearinessEnchIronWarAxeStamina0283011
00013981Iron WarhammerIronWarhammer186024
000896D0Iron Warhammer of ArcingEnchIronWarhammerShock02186024
000896E6Iron Warhammer of BindingEnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap03186024
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