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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000896B8Iron Warhammer of BurningEnchIronWarhammerFire02186024
000896C3Iron Warhammer of ChillsEnchIronWarhammerFrost01186024
0008971BIron Warhammer of CowardiceEnchIronWarhammerFear02186024
000896DDIron Warhammer of DiminishingEnchIronWarhammerMagicka03186024
0008971AIron Warhammer of DismayEnchIronWarhammerFear01186024
000896DCIron Warhammer of DrainingEnchIronWarhammerMagicka02186024
000896B1Iron Warhammer of EmbersEnchIronWarhammerFire01186024
00089705Iron Warhammer of FatigueEnchIronWarhammerStamina01186024
0008971CIron Warhammer of FearEnchIronWarhammerFear03186024
000896C4Iron Warhammer of FrostEnchIronWarhammerFrost02186024
000896C5Iron Warhammer of IceEnchIronWarhammerFrost03186024
000896DBIron Warhammer of SappingEnchIronWarhammerMagicka01186024
000896B9Iron Warhammer of ScorchingEnchIronWarhammerFire03186024
000896D1Iron Warhammer of ShocksEnchIronWarhammerShock03186024
000896E5Iron Warhammer of Soul SnaresEnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap02186024
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