Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000896E4Iron Warhammer of SoulsEnchIronWarhammerSoulTrap01186024
000896CFIron Warhammer of SparksEnchIronWarhammerShock01186024
00089707Iron Warhammer of TorporEnchIronWarhammerStamina03186024
00089706Iron Warhammer of WearinessEnchIronWarhammerStamina02186024
0003B562Long BowLongBow6305
0003B0C1Lunar Iron MacedunSilentMoonsEnchIronMace0393513
0003B0C0Lunar Iron MacedunSilentMoonsEnchIronMace0293513
0003B0BFLunar Iron MacedunSilentMoonsEnchIronMace0193513
0003B0C4Lunar Iron SworddunSilentMoonsEnchIronSword037259
0003B0C3Lunar Iron SworddunSilentMoonsEnchIronSword027259
0003B0C2Lunar Iron SworddunSilentMoonsEnchIronSword017259
0003B0C7Lunar Iron War AxedunSilentMoonsEnchIronWarAxe0383011
0003B0C6Lunar Iron War AxedunSilentMoonsEnchIronWarAxe0283011
0003B0C5Lunar Iron War AxedunSilentMoonsEnchIronWarAxe0183011
001019D4Notched PickaxedunVolunruudPickaxe515010
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