Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Orcish"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA1DDOrcish War Axe of DepletingEnchOrcishWarAxeMagicka04109013
000AA1D4Orcish War Axe of DespairEnchOrcishWarAxeFear04109013
000AA1CDOrcish War Axe of DevouringEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbH04109013
000AA1DCOrcish War Axe of DiminishingEnchOrcishWarAxeMagicka0389011
000AA1DBOrcish War Axe of DrainingEnchOrcishWarAxeMagicka0289011
000AA1D3Orcish War Axe of FearEnchOrcishWarAxeFear03109013
000AA1D7Orcish War Axe of FlamesEnchOrcishWarAxeFire04109013
000AA1DAOrcish War Axe of FreezingEnchOrcishWarAxeFrost04109013
000AA1D8Orcish War Axe of FrostEnchOrcishWarAxeFrost02109013
000AA1CBOrcish War Axe of GleaningEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbS02109013
000AA1CEOrcish War Axe of HarrowingEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbM03109013
000AA1D1Orcish War Axe of HarvestingEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbS04109013
000AA1D9Orcish War Axe of IceEnchOrcishWarAxeFrost03109013
000AA1D0Orcish War Axe of ReapingEnchOrcishWarAxeAbsorbS03109013
000AA1D6Orcish War Axe of ScorchingEnchOrcishWarAxeFire03109013
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