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Search Results for "Steel"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000A69A4Steel Warhammer of FearEnchSteelWarhammerFear32011025
000A69A8Steel Warhammer of FrostEnchSteelWarhammerFrost22011025
000A6A2CSteel Warhammer of IceEnchSteelWarhammerFrost32011025
000A69A9Steel Warhammer of SappingEnchSteelWarhammerMagicka12011025
000A6A2ASteel Warhammer of ScorchingEnchSteelWarhammerFire32011025
000A69AESteel Warhammer of ShocksEnchSteelWarhammerShock32011025
000A69B0Steel Warhammer of Soul SnaresEnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap22011025
000A69AFSteel Warhammer of SoulsEnchSteelWarhammerSoulTrap12011025
000A69ACSteel Warhammer of SparksEnchSteelWarhammerShock12011025
000A69B4Steel Warhammer of TorporEnchSteelWarhammerStamina32011025
000A69B3Steel Warhammer of WearinessEnchSteelWarhammerStamina22011025
0005BF19Tsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0120100030
0005BF16Tsun's Battle AxeMQ304DraugrBattleAxeTsun0222100032
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