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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA20AReverent Orcish WarhammerEnchOrcishWarhammerTurn032118026
000AA12ASanctified Orcish BattleaxeEnchOrcishBattleaxeTurn021916525
000ACB69Sanctified Orcish BowEnchOrcishBowTurn02101509
000AA142Sanctified Orcish DaggerEnchOrcishDaggerTurn026303
000AA187Sanctified Orcish GreatswordEnchOrcishGreatswordTurn021815018
000AA1A8Sanctified Orcish MaceEnchOrcishMaceTurn021110515
000AA1C6Sanctified Orcish SwordEnchOrcishSwordTurn0297511
000AA1E5Sanctified Orcish War AxeEnchOrcishWarAxeTurn02109013
000AA209Sanctified Orcish WarhammerEnchOrcishWarhammerTurn022118026
000223FBShagrol's WarhammerDA06Hammer2120026
000AE085The LonghammerdunLiarsRetreatLonghammer219018
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