Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Bow"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
04028365Nordic Bow of DepletingDLC2EnchNordicBowMagicka041316511
0402836ENordic Bow of DespairDLC2EnchNordicBowFear041316511
04028366Nordic Bow of DiminishingDLC2EnchNordicBowMagicka031316511
0402836DNordic Bow of DreadDLC2EnchNordicBowFear051316511
04028364Nordic Bow of EnervatingDLC2EnchNordicBowMagicka051316511
04028370Nordic Bow of ExpellingDLC2EnchNordicBowBanish051316511
0402C478Nordic Bow of Extreme ChaosDLC2EnchNordicBowChaos051316511
0402836FNordic Bow of FearDLC2EnchNordicBowFear031316511
0402836BNordic Bow of FireDLC2EnchNordicBowFire041316511
04028368Nordic Bow of FreezingDLC2EnchNordicBowFrost041316511
0402C477Nordic Bow of High ChaosDLC2EnchNordicBowChaos041316511
04028369Nordic Bow of IceDLC2EnchNordicBowFrost031316511
04028362Nordic Bow of ImmobilizingDLC2EnchNordicBowParalyze051316511
04028359Nordic Bow of LethargyDLC2EnchNordicBowStamina051316511
0402835FNordic Bow of LightningDLC2EnchNordicBowShock051316511
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