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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA1A7Orcish Mace of DebilitationEnchOrcishMaceStamina041110515
000AA19EOrcish Mace of DepletingEnchOrcishMaceMagicka041110515
000AA195Orcish Mace of DespairEnchOrcishMaceFear041110515
000AA18EOrcish Mace of DevouringEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbH041110515
000AA19DOrcish Mace of DiminishingEnchOrcishMaceMagicka031110515
000AA19COrcish Mace of DrainingEnchOrcishMaceMagicka021110515
000AA194Orcish Mace of FearEnchOrcishMaceFear031110515
000AA198Orcish Mace of FlamesEnchOrcishMaceFire041110515
000AA19BOrcish Mace of FreezingEnchOrcishMaceFrost041110515
000AA199Orcish Mace of FrostEnchOrcishMaceFrost021110515
000AA18COrcish Mace of GleaningEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbS021110515
000AA18FOrcish Mace of HarrowingEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbM031110515
000AA192Orcish Mace of HarvestingEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbS041110515
000AA19AOrcish Mace of IceEnchOrcishMaceFrost031110515
000AA191Orcish Mace of ReapingEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbS031110515
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