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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00038341Falmer ArrowFalmerArrow710
000CEE9EForsworn ArrowForswornArrow710
000139BEGlass ArrowGlassArrow1860
0001397DIron ArrowIronArrow810
000EAFDFNord Hero ArrowNordHeroArrow2450
000139BBOrcish ArrowOrcishArrow1230
000CAB52Practice ArrowdunArcherPracticeArrow000
04017720Riekling SpearDLC2RieklingSpearThrown1020
000E738ARusty ArrowdunGeirmundSigdisArrowsIllusion400
04026239Stalhrim ArrowDLC2StalhrimArrow2070
0001397FSteel ArrowSteelArrow1020
02000BB3Steel BoltDLC1BoltSteel1010
020098A1Sunhallowed Elven ArrowDLC1ElvenArrowBlessed16160
0200590CTest BoltTestDLC1Bolt1010
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