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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0200D0CACrossbow of EmbersDLC1EnchCrossbowFire11912014
0200D0C6Crossbow of SappingDLC1EnchCrossbowMagicka011912014
0200D0CCCrossbow of ScorchingDLC1EnchCrossbowFire31912014
0200D0C5Crossbow of ShocksDLC1EnchCrossbowShock031912014
0200D0C1Crossbow of Soul SnaresDLC1EnchCrossbowSoulTrap021912014
0200D0C0Crossbow of SoulsDLC1EnchCrossbowSoulTrap011912014
0200D0C3Crossbow of SparksDLC1EnchCrossbowShock011912014
000139B5Daedric BowDaedricBow19250018
0001DFF3Daedric Bow of AnimusEnchDaedricBowSoulTrap041987518
0001DFE0Daedric Bow of AnnihilatingEnchDaedricBowBanish061987518
0001DFDEDaedric Bow of BanishingEnchDaedricBowBanish041987518
0001DFE8Daedric Bow of BlizzardsEnchDaedricBowFrost051987518
0001DFF5Daedric Bow of DamnationEnchDaedricBowSoulTrap061987518
0001DFF7Daedric Bow of DebilitationEnchDaedricBowStamina041987518
0001DFEADaedric Bow of DepletingEnchDaedricBowMagicka041987518
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