Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Hunting"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000A7346Hunting Bow of CowardiceEnchHuntingBowFear27507
000A734DHunting Bow of DiminishingEnchHuntingBowMagicka037507
000A7345Hunting Bow of DismayEnchHuntingBowFear17507
000A734CHunting Bow of DrainingEnchHuntingBowMagicka027507
0009CAF3Hunting Bow of EmbersEnchHuntingBowFire17507
000A7355Hunting Bow of FatigueEnchHuntingBowStamina017507
000A7347Hunting Bow of FearEnchHuntingBowFear37507
000A7349Hunting Bow of FrostEnchHuntingBowFrost027507
000A734AHunting Bow of IceEnchHuntingBowFrost037507
000A734BHunting Bow of SappingEnchHuntingBowMagicka017507
000A7344Hunting Bow of ScorchingEnchHuntingBowFire37507
000A7351Hunting Bow of ShocksEnchHuntingBowShock037507
000A7353Hunting Bow of Soul SnaresEnchHuntingBowSoulTrap027507
000A7352Hunting Bow of SoulsEnchHuntingBowSoulTrap017507
000A734FHunting Bow of SparksEnchHuntingBowShock017507
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