Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Imperial"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000ABB15Imperial Bow of IceEnchImperialBowFrost039328
000ABB16Imperial Bow of SappingEnchImperialBowMagicka019328
000ABB12Imperial Bow of ScorchingEnchImperialBowFire39328
000ABB1BImperial Bow of ShocksEnchImperialBowShock039328
000ABB1DImperial Bow of Soul SnaresEnchImperialBowSoulTrap029328
000ABB1CImperial Bow of SoulsEnchImperialBowSoulTrap019328
000ABB19Imperial Bow of SparksEnchImperialBowShock019328
000ABB21Imperial Bow of TorporEnchImperialBowStamina039328
000ABB20Imperial Bow of WearinessEnchImperialBowStamina029328
000135B8Imperial SwordImperialsword82310
000C3DEAImperial Sword of ArcingEnchImperialSwordShock282310
000C3DF9Imperial Sword of BindingEnchImperialSwordSoulTrap385010
000C3DF3Imperial Sword of BurningEnchImperialSwordFire282310
000C3DF1Imperial Sword of ColdEnchImperialSwordFrost182310
000C3DF6Imperial Sword of CowardiceEnchImperialSwordFear285010
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