Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Iron"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
00013980Iron BattleaxeIronBattleaxe165520
000896C7Iron Battleaxe of ArcingEnchIronBattleaxeShock02165520
000896E9Iron Battleaxe of BindingEnchIronBattleaxeSoulTrap03165520
000896B2Iron Battleaxe of BurningEnchIronBattleaxeFire02165520
000896BAIron Battleaxe of ChillsEnchIronBattleaxeFrost01165520
00089709Iron Battleaxe of CowardiceEnchIronBattleaxeFear02165520
000896D4Iron Battleaxe of DiminishingEnchIronBattleaxeMagicka03165520
00089708Iron Battleaxe of DismayEnchIronBattleaxeFear01165520
000896D3Iron Battleaxe of DrainingEnchIronBattleaxeMagicka02165520
000896B0Iron Battleaxe of EmbersEnchIronBattleaxeFire01165520
000896FCIron Battleaxe of FatigueEnchIronBattleaxeStamina01165520
0008970AIron Battleaxe of FearEnchIronBattleaxeFear03165520
000896BBIron Battleaxe of FrostEnchIronBattleaxeFrost02165520
000896BCIron Battleaxe of IceEnchIronBattleaxeFrost03165520
000896D2Iron Battleaxe of SappingEnchIronBattleaxeMagicka01165520
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