Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0402835CNordic Bow of MaledictionDLC2EnchNordicBowSoulTrap051316511
0402836CNordic Bow of ScorchingDLC2EnchNordicBowFire031316511
04028361Nordic Bow of ShocksDLC2EnchNordicBowShock031316511
04028363Nordic Bow of StunningDLC2EnchNordicBowParalyze041316511
0402836ANordic Bow of the BlazeDLC2EnchNordicBowFire051316511
04028360Nordic Bow of ThunderboltsDLC2EnchNordicBowShock041316511
0402835BNordic Bow of TorporDLC2EnchNordicBowStamina031316511
0001398DOrcish BowOrcishBow101509
000ACB65Orcish Bow of AnimusEnchOrcishBowSoulTrap04101509
000ACB60Orcish Bow of ArcingEnchOrcishBowShock02101509
000ACB64Orcish Bow of BindingEnchOrcishBowSoulTrap03101509
000ABB31Orcish Bow of BurningEnchOrcishBowFire02101509
000ABB25Orcish Bow of CowardiceEnchOrcishBowFear02101509
000ACB68Orcish Bow of DebilitationEnchOrcishBowStamina04101509
000ABB39Orcish Bow of DepletingEnchOrcishBowMagicka04101509
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