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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA173Orcish Dagger of HarrowingEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbM036303
000AA177Orcish Dagger of HarvestingEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbS046303
000AA134Orcish Dagger of IceEnchOrcishDaggerFrost036303
000AA176Orcish Dagger of ReapingEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbS036303
000AA131Orcish Dagger of ScorchingEnchOrcishDaggerFire036303
000AA13AOrcish Dagger of ShocksEnchOrcishDaggerShock036303
000AA172Orcish Dagger of SiphoningEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbM026303
000AA13COrcish Dagger of Soul SnaresEnchOrcishDaggerSoulTrap026303
000AA13BOrcish Dagger of ThunderboltsEnchOrcishDaggerShock046303
000AA140Orcish Dagger of TorporEnchOrcishDaggerStamina036303
000AA13FOrcish Dagger of WearinessEnchOrcishDaggerStamina026303
000AA174Orcish Dagger of WinnowingEnchOrcishDaggerAbsorbM046303
000ACBE2Reverent Dwarven DaggerEnchDwarvenDaggerTurn037553.5
000BE1A2Reverent Elven DaggerEnchElvenDaggerTurn038954
000BEF08Reverent Glass DaggerEnchGlassDaggerTurn0391654.5
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