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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
0001DC14Ebony Warhammer of the SorcererEnchEbonyWarhammerAbsorbM0625172530
0001DBD7Ebony Warhammer of the VampireEnchEbonyWarhammerAbsorbH0625172530
0001DD01Ebony Warhammer of ThunderboltsEnchEbonyWarhammerShock0425172530
0001DBF8Ebony Warhammer of WinnowingEnchEbonyWarhammerAbsorbM0425172530
0001DCEAEbony Warhammer of WinterEnchEbonyWarhammerFrost0625172530
000BF3F2Hallowed Ebony BattleaxeEnchEbonyBattleaxeTurn0423158526
000BF41BHallowed Ebony BowEnchEbonyBowTurn041750416
000BF442Hallowed Ebony DaggerEnchEbonyDaggerTurn04102905
0001CEC7Hallowed Ebony GreatswordEnchEbonyGreatswordTurn0422144022
0001D4B4Hallowed Ebony MaceEnchEbonyMaceTurn0416100019
0001D87FHallowed Ebony SwordEnchEbonySwordTurn041372015
0001DB5BHallowed Ebony War AxeEnchEbonyWarAxeTurn041586517
0001DD0EHallowed Ebony WarhammerEnchEbonyWarhammerTurn0425172530
000BF3F4Holy Ebony BattleaxeEnchEbonyBattleaxeTurn0623158526
000BF41DHoly Ebony BowEnchEbonyBowTurn061750416
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