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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000AA197Orcish Mace of ScorchingEnchOrcishMaceFire031110515
000AA1A0Orcish Mace of ShocksEnchOrcishMaceShock031110515
000AA18BOrcish Mace of SiphoningEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbM021110515
000AA1A2Orcish Mace of Soul SnaresEnchOrcishMaceSoulTrap021110515
000AA1A1Orcish Mace of ThunderboltsEnchOrcishMaceShock041110515
000AA1A6Orcish Mace of TorporEnchOrcishMaceStamina031110515
000AA1A5Orcish Mace of WearinessEnchOrcishMaceStamina021110515
000AA190Orcish Mace of WinnowingEnchOrcishMaceAbsorbM041110515
0201681EPrelate's MaceDLC1PrelateMace1333017
000ACC28Reverent Dwarven MaceEnchDwarvenMaceTurn031219016
000BE1ECReverent Elven MaceEnchElvenMaceTurn031333017
000BEF51Reverent Glass MaceEnchGlassMaceTurn031457518
0005BEF6Reverent Iron MaceEnchIronMaceTurn0393513
040282E9Reverent Nordic MaceDLC2EnchNordicMaceTurn031333016
000AA1A9Reverent Orcish MaceEnchOrcishMaceTurn031110515
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