Weapons, including Arrows and Bolts
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Search Results for "Warhammer"

Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BE25BReverent Elven WarhammerEnchElvenWarhammerTurn032356528
000BEFBAReverent Glass WarhammerEnchGlassWarhammerTurn032498529
000896FBReverent Iron WarhammerEnchIronWarhammerTurn03186024
0402827AReverent Nordic WarhammerDLC2EnchNordicWarhammerTurn032356527
000AA20AReverent Orcish WarhammerEnchOrcishWarhammerTurn032118026
000A69B7Reverent Steel WarhammerEnchSteelWarhammerTurn32011025
000ACC90Sanctified Dwarven WarhammerEnchDwarvenWarhammerTurn022232527
000896FASanctified Iron WarhammerEnchIronWarhammerTurn02186024
000AA209Sanctified Orcish WarhammerEnchOrcishWarhammerTurn022118026
000A69B6Sanctified Steel WarhammerEnchSteelWarhammerTurn22011025
000223FBShagrol's WarhammerDA06Hammer2120026
0401CDBAStalhrim WarhammerDLC2StalhrimWarhammer26285029
0402839FStalhrim Warhammer of AnimusDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerSoulTrap0426172529
040283B2Stalhrim Warhammer of AnnihilatingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerBanish0626172529
040283B4Stalhrim Warhammer of BanishingDLC2EnchStalhrimWarhammerBanish0426172529
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