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Form IDNameEditor NameDamageValueWeight
000BF444Holy Ebony DaggerEnchEbonyDaggerTurn06102905
0001CECDHoly Ebony GreatswordEnchEbonyGreatswordTurn0622144022
0001D4D4Holy Ebony MaceEnchEbonyMaceTurn0616100019
0001D8AAHoly Ebony SwordEnchEbonySwordTurn061372015
0001DB71Holy Ebony War AxeEnchEbonyWarAxeTurn061586517
0001DD1BHoly Ebony WarhammerEnchEbonyWarhammerTurn0625172530
000240D2Mehrunes' RazorDA07MehrunesRazor115003
000BF3F3Virtuous Ebony BattleaxeEnchEbonyBattleaxeTurn0523158526
000BF41CVirtuous Ebony BowEnchEbonyBowTurn051750416
000BF443Virtuous Ebony DaggerEnchEbonyDaggerTurn05102905
0001CECBVirtuous Ebony GreatswordEnchEbonyGreatswordTurn0522144022
0001D4B6Virtuous Ebony MaceEnchEbonyMaceTurn0516100019
0001D8A5Virtuous Ebony SwordEnchEbonySwordTurn051372015
0001DB5CVirtuous Ebony War AxeEnchEbonyWarAxeTurn051586517
0001DD17Virtuous Ebony WarhammerEnchEbonyWarhammerTurn0525172530
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